The importance of breakfast and bread’s role in it

Scientific research constantly presents more and more data about the importance of breakfast for a good physical and mental performance. Complete and properly made breakfast provides the human body with all-day energy. As implied by the literal meaning of the term (break the fast), breakfast comes to provide the body with nutrients that are much needed after the fasting period of the previous night .

Breakfast should cover 25% of the daily nutritional requirements. Hence, a healthy breakfast should include:

  • Starchy foods (like bread, toast, crackers, cereals, biscuits)
  • Fruit
  • Dairy (milk or yogurt)
  • Proteins (depending on the amounts of the respective foods (like cheese or eggs) included in the other meals of the day).

Starchy foods, especially bread, not only should constitute the core part of our meals but also should be the main part of breakfast since they provide complex carbohydrates that meet the all-day energy requirements. Plus, bread contains lots of vitamins and fibers, which are essential components for a healthy digestive tract, while its low content of fat and salt makes bread one of the healthiest nutritional choices.