Bread through time

KARAMOLEGOS BAKERY S.A. has a success story,  starting as a small family business in Thira, Santorini in 1950.

1989: the year it establishes its current type of legal entity, ie KARAMOLEGOS BAKERY S.A.

1999: guided by the values of quality, credibility and passion for progress and evolution, it creates the first sourdough toastie bread. Meanwhile, the company enters the Athens Exchange market.

2000:  it acquires share-capital of Apollonio A.B.E.E.

2001: in its constant trying to evolve and improve the products’ quality, the company receives the ISO 9001-2000 certification and implements productive processes according to the HACCP standards.  

2003: the milestone year when the company introduces the “Psiha toast”, the first crustless sliced bread. 

2006: toastie bread with natural sordough finds a new unique flavor, the Multigrain Bread which rapidly took its high place among consumers’ preferences, giving a whole new spin on the pleasure of eating bread. 

2007: with the company’s continuous advancement and in order to satisfy the consumers’ needs, Karamolegos Bakery launches the first pre-cut Sandwich & Hamburger buns.

2009: an inspired answer to all those who want something more from sliced bread: “Gennima Thremma”, with wholegrain flour and the sublime flavor of sourdough. 

2013:  the company introduces a brand new idea, the “foldy” bread. It is a delicious and fluffy bread that folds in half and allows the filling to  “nest” .

2014: Karamolegos Bakery. creates the brand “Deka”, a new type of packaged bread with a 10 days shelf life. “Deka by Karamolegos” maintains its taste and fluffiness for the whole time due to its unique recipe and its light-proof packaging.

All these years Karamolegos Bakery manages with careto combine high nutritional principles with modern methods of production so as to be able to keep presenting Greek family with the best possible bakery products.