Our principles

Karamolegos Bakery operates according to firm fundamental principles that are kept unchanged through time.

  • Quality
    Quality is our strongest  commitment to providing highly nutritional and tasty products, manufactured from top quality raw material. This is the pillar of our trusting relationship we have managed to build with our consumers. 
  • Responsibility
    Towards consumers, providing safe and quality products. Towards associates, rigorous punctuality and win-to-win deals. Towards employees, building leadership capabilities. Towards society,  supporting socially vulnerable groups and contributing to higher social causes in general. 
  • Progress and development
    For Karamolegos Bakery, the concepts of research, development and innovation are of high importance. The company’s main focus is to utilize new technologies to achieve optimum level of both safety and production processes. The goal is to provide bakery products that preserve and promote the Greek/Mediterranean cuisine, adjusted to today’s way of living.