Since 1950 we have been baking with love. 

Our story begins three generations ago in a small bakery in Santorini. Manolis Karamolegos is introduced by his father to the art of baking and learns its secrets: from the selection of the raw ingredients to the creation of delicious recipes and finally to the production of bread products that have gained fame beyond the shores of the island. 

Today, we have the same love for what we bake, which sets the pace for all of us. Every day, we continue to combine this love with the latest nutritional trends and methods of production. We evolve with respect to our heritage, but also with a strong vision for the continuous improvement of our diet, starting always from its mainstay, bread. And always with a commitment to flavor and quality in everything we have to offer for your table! 


A small bakery 
opens in Santorini.

That’s how everything began. Ilias Karamolegos and his family create recipes that are loved by both locals and visitors to the island. Manolis and Maria, the family's children, help in the bakery, learning all the secrets of dough and the art of bread making. 



A new start 
in Athens.

With the earthquake of 1956, Santorini is deserted. The residents leave en masse and a few years later, so does the Karamolegos family. The family's luggage contains their grandfather's recipes and their love for his art. They settle in Agia Paraskevi and open a small bakery there. From the very first year, their products become a hit. 


1989 - 1999

1989 1999

Karamolegos S.A., 
a baked goods company is born.

Over time, with much effort and perseverance, the bakery evolves into a baked goods company and acquires its current legal form under the name "Karamolegos Bakery Industry S.A.". Its products now arrive to super markets and other bakeries. In 1991, the baked good company is relocated to Koropi, where it is still located today. 

The first natural 
sourdough sliced bread.

Creating high quality products was the value that led Manolis Karamolegos to pair tradition with progress and create the first natural sourdough sliced bread. And he didn’t stop there. With passion and love, he continued to improve it so that today at Karamolegos, we produce and use in our recipes our own natural sourdough, cured for 56 hours.


2000 - 2010

2000 2001 2003 2007 2009

is modernized.

Aiming to utilize the most cutting-edge technologies in the bakery industry, Karamolegos invests heavily in equipment and automates production using closed robotic machinery. 

Obtaining quality 

Committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality of our products, we apply ISO 9001, ISO 22000 & BRC certified systems. 

PsichaTost (CrumbToast), 
a revolutionary innovation!

Watching his son and other children removing the crust from their bread, Manolis Karamolegos is inspired to create PsichaTost! The first sliced bread without a crust, fluffy and soft, to capture just the very heart of pleasure.

Time for 

Sometimes small changes result in big products! The first ready-made pre-cut Sandwich & Hamburger Buns are launched that can be filled quickly and easily and make consumers' everyday lives easier and more delicious.

Expansion to 

The factory in Romania is officially commissioned, a 30,000 m2 industrial complex specializing in the production of sliced bread and other packaged bakery products, produced according to the most up-to-date quality and food safety standards. 


2011 - 2020

2014 2015 2017 2018 2019 2020

Deka - a modern brand 
with innovative packaging.

The brand "Deka" is created, with a youthful, modern design, but also with an intense flavor that promises an exceptional experience in taste. With unique ingredients for the era, such as chia seeds, and special packaging, "Deka" retains its flavor up to the last fluffy slice.

is born.

For the first time, using his specialization in dough products as a point of departure, Manolis Karamolegos brings Axiagapites to the shelves of super markets, thus transforming the entire market! Delicious and fluffy, they whet the appetite and pique the imagination. They fold, roll up and can be filled with everything you love and...dare you to experiment with taste. 

Zea Bread, in supermarkets, 
exclusively from Karamolegos.

Always innovative and attentive to modern nutritional trends, in collaboration with Antonopoulos Farms, for the first time ever, Karamolegos brings to supermarket shelves the unique bread made from 100% certified whole grain stone ground Zea flour. A prized sliced bread, rich in fiber and protein, providing high nutritional value at every meal. 

a trip down memory lane.

Growing up in his father's bakery, Manolis Karamolegos learned to make bread and rusk. The family bakery was so famous that it even received orders from expats in America who wanted to enjoy its rusk. Seeking the flavors of his childhood, Manolis Karamolegos travels throughout Greece in order to offer the best rusks to Greek families. This is how Paxamas is born, bearing the name that the elders used for rusk.

Bread for special 
eating habits.

Lifestyles change and, along with them, so do eating habits and requirements. Karamolegos pioneers again, bringing to the market a new line of sliced bread with nutritional value and superior taste. So it’s "Psomi Xana (Bread again)" for those who have gone without it, the most delicious sliced bread with No Added Salt & Sugar, and also Protein, containing vegetable protein. 

Another idea that provides 
solutions: a base for peinirli.

A new product is added to the Axiagapites family: the sourdough peinirli base, fluffy and delicious, ready to be filled with every ingredient you crave. It was well loved from the beginning, thanks to its versatility, its convenience and of course its quality and taste.



Clean label: 
A new era in bread.

Always with a sense of responsibility towards the consumer. Karamolegos once again revolutionizes the market by being the first to bring the Clean Label to packaged bread. No additives, no preservatives, from 100% natural raw ingredients, this is the promise we keep and implement for our main product lines. Having a clean label is no longer a trend, it is now a production standard and a demand from consumers themselves!


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